Sunday, November 9, 2014

Hi to all, this is Sir Andrew fixing the hot beds that Sir Harry built and used for years, They were falling apart, so since He was in town, he gave his attention to it..this was his first job like this and I think he did good. of course Sir Joe gave him help for sure..thank you guy's for everything you guy's do here..your all awesome....-

Hello to all Sir Joe has been working hard on the roof of the Castle for along time. It is dryer now then ever.It had so many layers of stuff that Sir Harry placed on it over the years.We had a Company Cold Jet come out and used dry ice and blasted it off,it was a cool thing to watch.Sir Joe and Sir Fred, Sir Doug,Sir Micheal M. and myself Dame Donna worked really hard, to get the roof opened soon. Maybe in the next two years or so,we had to restructure the way people come up there,we need to put up fencing and other items to  add more security for the castle.As you know people like to climb so we are going to make it safer for us..and those that like to ignore rules and signs.We hope to see you all when the winter is over, enjoy all the Holidays that r coming up..Thank you for your support of the Only medieval Castle in North America a Man's dream, become reality in 52 years of his life,to tell the Knight's to keep the front door of the castle opened and allow the people to come and enjoy going back in time.Sir Harry would thank you for all your support by coming out and fantasying that your r a Knight, Princess etc,cause this is the place to do it..Have a great day and once again thank you..Dame Donna Jean Brasher... 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hello everyone, I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weather this season... I have, been gardening out here, loving every minute of it...I posted some new pic's but couldn't figure out how to add more room for the text,I never claimed to know what I'm doing with this machine, so please bare with me. We (Knights) have been doing a lot of landscaping and castle maintenance, just the same
stuff we do every year, yard work, pouring steps,fixing the roof,etc. We unfortunately loss everything
in our green house this winter, so we have to start over this year, so we are sorry if it doesn't look so
full this season, we will except any and all donations of plant material in moderation. We aren't hurting but it isn't like it was (yet).. we are working on it.So some on out and check out what r gardens have to offer this year, REMEMBER CASTLE DAYS, are always the THIRD Sat of every moth!!!! they are a blast bring the family and be entertained and taken back into time with the
merchants and entertainers of mid-evil time. We all have a blast SO COME ON OUT FUN FOR ALL. We are opened 7 days per week 11-5pm 683-4686 or go to and as always
thank you all for your support and love for our castle and gardens, Have a wonderful day. Just to put it out there, if you need something to do this year come out and donate your gardening experience and help pull weeds or help Sir Joe weed eat, or cut grass, just let some know that your are here to
help in the gardens..THANK YOU!!!!

Here are some new pic's come on out and enjoy the castle...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

 Hello every one it is the spring show going on down here, plus the knights r working on putting in steps at our office, on this beautiful day of April 2014.. we r opened 7 days per week until Sept or so, check on home page for sure..we did raise our donations out here adults $5.00 per, kids 12 under is$3.00. Thank you to all you supporters that come and help us keep this one man's dream alive.. bring your cameras when you come out.