Sunday, June 21, 2015

hello everyone come on out and enjoy the summer this garden,have seen alot of
soil amending,weeds and blood,sweet and tear's,for 30 or so years,my therapy my get away from society,love the visitors here, don't take that out of context please..Just the grind of life right.Here is like your back in time of King Aurthur and Gweneveere.Sir Harry even has a clock that goes backwards, so you do go back into time..Love to see you all this summer,Have a Great Father's Day.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

this is a the info you all need to have in order to get a great
garden done for you. So just give them a call or
go on that web site,you will just love this family,they can do
almost  everything in the garden industry. One thing I can
say personalty is you will learn alot just by talking with
Marvin or his son Wesley Duren. Marvin showed us out
here@ the Loveland Castle to become organic over 25 years ago, they are just a
wonderful,knowledgeable, caring family, so give them a call
or get on your computer today, and have a great garden season.
 Hello to all from our wonderful Castle, this
Spring has been a great display of our spring flowers they aren't gonna last long. Then our
summer flowers will come in, I hope you all get
a chance and come out with a picnic lunch,there
are a few tables to use, or just bring a blanket. We appreciate all the support you have for our
castle,thank you for all your feed back.Sir Marvin and his Son Wes has been such apart of
our castle's grounds, with beautiful plants and
their wonderful compost,and hard work we
thank the lovely Duren family...if any gardener
needs help with their garden needs go to their web site they can
help you in any way that you need,they are just
a pleasure to talk with. They have been apart
of the castle for over 25 yrs.Thanks to every body
that has came out to help in our gardens @ the
Chateau, we love and thank you from the bottom
of our hearts. so come on out and enjoy this
beautiful, magical place the Loveland Castle. Have
a wonderful day.  

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hello Spring... come on out to the castle we r opened 7 days a week,11am- 5pm
it is a show in the castle gardens, so come and enjoy it.If you have a few minutes come
and visit the only Norman styled castle in the United States..$5.00Adults,$3.00 Children 
12 and under..parking limited first come first served,sorry our parking lot is only so big.
can not wait to see you all this year.thank you for the support of our castle and gardens.

Sir Joe is doing a great job
getting our  drips
 under control.He has it down
to one leak, from a hundred.
it is a castle( right)? we are allowed 
to have one or two.