Tuesday, June 16, 2009

well here is the Voodoo Lilly it has
already bloomed. maybe two more days to enjoy it. It is one of the most interesting plants we have, I am so glad that I can have pics for you all to see. It only takes a few weeks to
get growing and then it goes quickly
so if you didn't come out this year mark it on the next calendar,for the following year. we also have a night blooming Cerise, this a special plant as well, it opens once a year. It Bloom's in stages,three to be matter of fact,another summer bloomer.it is white, and a pink center.I'll keep you up on it,so until then, have a great garden season.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

voodoo lilly

this is the one
and only flower , at the
castle that is awesome!!!!
It's called a Voodoo Lilly, we have two of them here,at
Addy"s garden. this flower is about to open up, I'd say in the next 2-4 days if that. So if your
interested come out and check it out. When it opens it smells terrible, flys are all over it.
and it gets slimy, but it is the coolest thing to see in your life. I'll get more pic's soon and
I'll post them for you. You need to get out here soon if you want to see some different kind of flowers blooming, we will plant more winter blooming flowers in the future, but for now come see,our summer blooming flowers then our fall plants.Well until next time,follow our web site
and come out to the castle,Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

hello to all! the gardens are coming along, there are a few different projects going on at the same time, so please bare with us. We have started a waddle project, it will end up as a dome basket, it will have a sitting area where it will be shaded by plants and the basket, and at night it will have little white lights all over the inside. The the guys have been digging out our dry moat or Foss, clearing out the dirt and replacing it with gravel and paving stones. Put another bench in there,along with all our different begonias. every year we try to add more begonias and geraniums, we would love to have all of them. The knights also has been working on rain barrels to go in there, it will be awesome when they get done. So please bare with us when you come out to visit us.Sir Wes Durin has been out planting and sweating placing new plant materials, he has designed a rain garden for us on the upper level,next to Addy's corner. the reason for it is to filter the water that runs off the hill behind us,since the homes have been built 10-15yrs ago there is alot of water run off. so Wes has helped us to become educated on rain gardens and we put one in! So come out and check it out, it is cool,I love learning different stuff, keeps you young. And speaking of young,Iwas out at the castle Sunday and I had the wonderful Red Hats Lady's Society from Owensville, out in the gardens talking and sharing, well before they left, Donna and the girls made me an honorary Red Hat Lady, for I turned 50 in Jan. It was a beautiful red cowboy hat with purple trim and a huge red feather, I am proud to be 50!!!!!!! well enough of that, this is a picture of my late Princess, she was at the castle for seventeen years, letting thousands of people to pick her up and love on her. she was our Princess of our castle, She had an awesome brother named Tiberius, after James T. Kirk. They are together in their castle in the sky. I miss them both I helped raise them, we have seen coyotes down by the river so please careful after dark if you live in the loveland area, no one is talking about it so i thought I would sound off! well better go for now.