Sunday, December 29, 2013

 this is what the new setting area looks like,
there is still alot to do. The Knights are always working on something,Bless their hearts,and
all their hard work. It is a labor of love to say the least, it's hard enough to take care of your own
place,besides a castle as well. Thank you to all
that come out and help when you can, Sir Harry
would appreciate everything that you do for
his castle and Knighthood. We hope you come out and see all the new things that are going on.
remember the cost to enter is now 5.00 per adult
and kids 12 and under is 3.00 all donations go
back into taking care of the castle and grounds.
Thank you all for the support and love for Sir
Harry's castle.

Friday, December 27, 2013

 Hi everyone sorry haven't been keeping up
with my blog, these are pic's of Sir Joe Carey
working on the new sitting area around the garage top, it will be a two level bench for
people to use to watch  shows or to watch a
band play. We are trying to use the space wisely
and make more areas for people to sit down.
We have been putting new things up every year
for sitting and for shade.there are a lot of things going on, never ending,trying to keep up. Sir Joe never slows down(thank goodness) the Knights
help when they can, it is appreciated most
deeply. the green house froze up once again
so I have no clue what will come out of
that,this is the third time this has happened so
it is what it is.... we are only opened sat  & sun
only from 11-5pm. We have also changed our
donations for admittance to our castle grounds
and inside the castle. It is 5.00 adults and
kids 3.00 per child, we have to keep up the
maintenance of the castle and our grounds.
we are opened through the winter (if wheather
permits) so come on out and visit Sir Harry's
castle. We appreciate your support and love for
his castle and his home, and our museum.
Happy new year everyone, may it be safe,
and happy for us all.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

hey everybody please go visit a new great place it is called JUICE BAR
it is located at 9745 Mangham ave. Ciny45215 513-221-0263
Dame Donna Jean Brasher