Monday, May 18, 2009

Mother's Day planting!

Hi everyone, I am so pleased to say that we have planted several different perinals,on mothers day. Sir Wes Durin out did him self once again with a wonderful selecton of plant materials and his blood sweat and tears. Along with other knights and Ladies of our knighthood. We have new maple trees, Helleborus,coral bells, sedums,climaitis, cone flower, bee balm, all kinds of plants. Please come out and see the beautifull flower displays. there is no thank you enough for the Durin family and thier garden nursery,they have been apart of our castle grounds for many moons.What a wonderful family. Thank you to all the voulenters of our knighthood,without our helpers there are no gardens just weeds growing all over everything.I am proud to be apart of such a wonderful place.See you soon,untill next time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

new project

Hi every one I would be honored to say that we have a wonderful new project in our gardens. We are making a new sitting area on the great front wall in the corner.Sir Wes Durin donated greenhouse frames to us, and we will soon be weaving more or less a basket for vines to grow across.I can't wait, this will be so awesome!I love being out in our gardens, I feel so much closer to Sir Harry's dreams for his castle and for the much thanks to the knights for their hard and sweaty work,everything is wonderful.