Saturday, June 13, 2009

voodoo lilly

this is the one
and only flower , at the
castle that is awesome!!!!
It's called a Voodoo Lilly, we have two of them here,at
Addy"s garden. this flower is about to open up, I'd say in the next 2-4 days if that. So if your
interested come out and check it out. When it opens it smells terrible, flys are all over it.
and it gets slimy, but it is the coolest thing to see in your life. I'll get more pic's soon and
I'll post them for you. You need to get out here soon if you want to see some different kind of flowers blooming, we will plant more winter blooming flowers in the future, but for now come see,our summer blooming flowers then our fall plants.Well until next time,follow our web site
and come out to the castle,Have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!